2017 ERA Finalists!

2017 ERA Finalists!

We are extremely proud to announce that LDA has been named as finalists in the prestigious Education Resources Awards (ERA’s), with no less than three of our resources being shortlisted this year!

Max and Me – A Story about Sensory Processing and the Otis the Robot series have both been shortlisted in the Special Education Resource or Equipment (Non ICT) category.

Our How to…Support Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition in Primary School book has been shortlisted in the Educational Book Award category.

Max and Me – A Story about Sensory Processing tells the story of a child’s first days at school. Each day gets harder for him as he struggles to cope with the noise, lights and activities of a busy school day. One day he has had enough. “I hate school, I don’t want to go back!” That’s when his mum tells him about Max – his modulator.

The story offers an explanation of how sensory information is processed using the analogy of a ‘modulator’, who living in the brain has the job of receiving messages from the senses and then deciding the best thing for the body to do. Once he gets to know his modulator and how to work together with him, things start to go better for him . . . that is until Max falls asleep!

Otis the Robot Series follows a character, Otis the Robot, who finds it hard to deviate from his programming and adapt to social situations. The short stories in this series will help teach social skills to primary-aged children with Autism Spectrum Condition and social communication difficulties. Each book explores a different social situation which commonly causes stress, misunderstanding or confusion about how to behave. There are 4 readers and a teacher’s manual in the series.

How to…Support Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition in Primary School is a practical and up-to-date guide providing valuable insight into all the aspects of Autism Spectrum Condition that you are likely to face during the primary years, and will help class teachers and SENCOs put in place the right support, expectations and aspirations for these pupils. This resource supports and compliments strategies put in place in the absence or presence of an outreach service.

The ERA’s are now in their 18th year and are organised by The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and Brilliant Marketing Solutions.

Congratulations to all the authors and everyone involved. Winners will be announced on Friday 17th March 2017. A full list of the 2017 finalists can be found here.